Eric Mason Chief Executive at ITMC Ltd


Interim IT Executive Swiss Re

 “I had the pleasure of working with Eric at a time when Admin Re UK were experiencing significant growth and the IT organisation needed to adapt in order to continue supporting the business in an effective manner. Eric was able to quickly assess the situation, make some changes to the IT organisation, and recruit staff into key positions quickly.” 

Richard D'Amico, Director, Swiss Re 


“Eric is a professional interim IT director with a wealth of Financial Services experience that he utilised in order to make a significant contribution during his tenure at Swiss Re. He brought an enthusiasm and energy to the department that resulted in the achievement of a number of significant business goals and left the organisation fitter for the challenges of the future. I would be keen to work with Eric again should the opportunity arise and I have no hesitation in recommending him.” 

Darren Rawlings, Head of IT Development, Swiss Re

IT Director TSL Ltd

  “Eric's even temperament helped me manage the MSL project at TSL. He kept a close eye on the strategy whilst taking a trusting "hands-off" approach to the day to day detail. He is a great sounding board to bounce ideas & approaches off and is always encouraging and inspirational. As always, Eric is a pleasure to work with and for.” 

Anny Baxter, Interim Project Manager, TSL Education Ltd.

“Eric is a true strategist, whilst still keeping close tabs on the detail. Always approachable to all levels of colleague. A pleasure to work with.” 

Donna Nichols, IT Consultant, TSL Education

“Eric is a consummate professional with a wealth of experience managing programmes of change within organisations. I thoroughly enjoyed reporting to him during my contract at TSL and would recommend his professionalism, skills as a mentor and leadership qualities without reservation.” 

Jason Normanton, Programme Manager, PM Pro UK Limited

Programme Director Credit Suisse

“Eric was an excellent Programme Director who bought a wealth of experience to the table. He was able to approach the challenges we faced with great foresight, and addressed the challenges with a calm and intelligent focus. I would work with Eric again with no hesitation.” 

Elaine Miller, Head of Testing, Credit Suisse

Group IT Director DEC - Digital Equipment Corporation

“During my time working with Eric he was heading up the internal IT element within Digital. He provided great strategic leadership and vision. He ensured he was always in touch with all aspects of the business and had a flair for seeing great opportunities and was an excellent leader to work with.” 

Steve Emery, Various senior management roles, Digital Equipment Corporation

“Eric was a great person to work for because he supported and empowered me to stretch my skills more than any other manager has. As a result of his style and enthusiasum we implemented many leading edge technologies and ways of working that were years ahead of most IT Departments. We also spent a lot of time showing our IT solutions to the company's customers. I, and I'm sure the rest of his team from that period, would have no hesitation in recommending Eric."

Malcolm Wicks, IT Strategy Manager, Digital Equipment

Eric immediately identified that I was new to IT at that point in my career and so, whilst already extremely busy himself, he simply took the time required each day to teach me everything I would need to know to support him and his organisation. From the tactical to the strategic and then on to the visionary.

Over the following two years I then really enjoyed supporting Eric and his team as we all set about transforming the internal IT landscape, and through that the division’s workforce. That activity enabled the broader company to not only cope with, but to actually fully exploit, the 25% plus annual growth it was experiencing at the time.

Since that time I have watched as what Eric explained to me as “the vision for IT” has become every day and now be taken for granted. Yet what he talked to me about back then was almost unheard of at the time. Since then, on many occasions as people have told me over the years about “the next big thing to happen” or “the newest invention about to be released" I have inwardly smiled and thought to myself “Ah, Eric’s predictions have yet again been proven. Boy that guy was good! I only wish I could be working with him now to hear about what is going to come to us all in the future”.

Mark Connell , Business Transformation Programme Manager